Store large amount of books

Storing books is one of the things great book lovers have to think about. Simply because we love books just too much to ever let them go. And that is why, as time goes by we have to start thinking about storing a growing number of old and new books of different kind.

There is no doubt that for simple storage the classic shelve is just fine. But there is a good chance that we have to face situations in which there is a need for something more. A more specific time of storage solution. And that is something I know by my own experience.

That is also the one thing I would like to talk about today. And I think it would be the best to start with a question – what to do with old books, that I don’t want to trow out? Taking into account that there is no more free space in the shelves also.

There is a possibility to store them in boxes. But classical carton boxes wear down quickly and it can damage the books. Wooden boxes at the same time are too bulky and are hard to work with. And that is why for storage optimization I choose to use pallet collars. I know this might sound a bit weird. But the thing is that this industrial type of packaging work just great in smaller rooms as well. [Read More…]

How to Store Your Books at Home

I you are a book fiend and your home is starting to look more like your local library, it is time to consider the best ways to look after your books.

There is something uniquely great about the smell of an old book and a yellow tint to the pages adds a touch of nostalgia, but you don’t want your most prized books to fall apart or wither away.

If you are picking up books from second hand stores, you will not be as worried, but a good collection of books can be very valuable, so they need lots of TLC. We look at top tips to keep your books in top notch condition at home.

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10 Books You Must Read Before You Die

Most of us will have gone through a period during high school, where we felt exhausted by reading books and the idea of reading for pleasure seemed absurd.

Fast forward a few years and you have probably missed out on reading some of the best books ever written. It was very hard to narrow it down to just 10 books, but we take a look at the top 10 books you must read before you die.

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